Geflüchtete / in English

Information for LGBTI refugees

The lesbian and gay community in Stuttgart warmly welcomes all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual refugees. There are several NGOs in Stuttgart which support LGBTI people and there are even some offers for LGBTI refugees. Unfortunately though, we are not able to offer special consultations for LGBTI refugees yet. We can, however, refer you to contacts and provide short-term assistance. Furthermore, our connections to the local authorities enable us to assist LGBTI people with regard to their special needs in the process of their recognition as refugees. We are also currently working on increasing the awareness for the special needs of LGBTI people in refugee facilities.

The “Weissenburg” is the gay and lesbian community center and switchboard in Stuttgart. In our rooms, We have been operating the project Regenbogen Refugium for some time now, you’ll find more information on it here in German, if need information in English or French please write us an email to

If you approach us with a specific request for help, please provide us with your contact information as well as information on what you would like us to do for you. If you would like us to negotiate with refugee facilities or the German authorities on your behalf, we also need to know your current residence status. If you have already been at a processing point for asylum seeking refugees other authorities are responsible for you than if you have just been provided shelter. It is helpful for us to know if you gave homosexuality or transsexuality as a reason for seeking asylum. If you did, this makes it much easier for us to influence the German authorities to decide in your favor. If you didn’t, please contact us anyway! We can only help you if we know about you and your situation.

Please note, that for the moment we can only help you within the city limits of Stuttgart. We have very good contacts to the German authorities in Stuttgart, but less so in the surrounding districts for now. Of course we are working on changing that but this will take some time. So please be patient with us if we can’t accomplish something for you immediately. It still makes sense to contact us. If we know about you, your situation and your needs, we are in a much better position to help you outside of Stuttgart in the future.

You find us in the back yard of the Weißenburgstraße 28A in Stuttgart in rooms that can’t be looked into from the street. If you prefer, we can also meet you at a different place in the city center and maybe show you the way to the “Weissenburg” later.

Hilfe / Help

Counselling for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* Refugees in relation to the asylum procedure